Comprehensive neurodevelopmental assessment

Helping you to understand how your child sees the world and functions within it.

How we can help…

Neurodevelopment is the term used to describe the pathways that form in the brain as children experience the world and move through it. Everything we do and learn influences how these pathways form and work.
When concerns are raised about a child’s development or behaviours it can be tricky as a parent to unpick what is going on and to navigate the services available. The first step is often to understand if there is indeed a problem, and if so to understand what this is, and how to address it.


Whilst diagnoses are important in some situations, often just understanding how it feels to be your child and understanding what can be done to make their world more successful is all that is needed.

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I am a Consultant Paediatrician with 25 years' experience and qualifications in Children’s Neurodevelopment.

Face-to-face appointments with Doctor Kate offers an experienced child developmental paediatrician. One of the strengths of Doctor Kate is that it is a paediatrician led service with allied professionals embedded within the service. 

The Doctor Kate Neurodevelopmental assessment team work together to share their skills and expertise to maximise the quality of their assessments and the advice you will receive after an appointment.

Doctor Kate is based in central Bath in a covid-secure building with good parking.

Whilst we can see families from any area we very much prefer to see children who live and go to school within a 1 hour’s journey from Bath.


Children don’t come with a manual and being a parent is tough. Some developmental stages are tougher than others and sometimes we get lost as parents to know how best to help our children to be happy and achieve their potential.


Comprehensive neurodevelopmental assessment

A full medical and diagnostic assessment by a Neurodevelopmental Paediatrician with over 25 years experience.

Review of established neurodevelopmental disorders

A medical review  to understand and manage any specific challenges associated with an already diagnosed condition.


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterised by inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity.


Autism is considered to be a combination of social communication deficits and restrictive and repetitive behaviours.


We tend to think of sleep as one of the most natural things that we do – but a good sleep cycle is a learnt skill.

What does the journey look like…

Doctor Kate is an experienced child developmental paediatrician who will gather information from you, school and any other source that you feel will help us to understand your child.

We will use this information to gain clarity as to whether there is a problem, and if so - what it is, and how can we improve the situation.

You will have a first appointment with Doctor Kate to formulate which assessments need to be undertaken and which other professionals you may also need to see.

By combining these fields of expertise we can provide you with a joined up understanding of how your child sees the world and functions within it, and provide joined up ideas of how best to support your child.  By working together within one organisation we can discuss our findings and how they relate to each other to provide a unified assessment and report with clear next steps.